Thursday, October 20, 2011

"It is an act of domestic terror!"

"As he recounted post-9/11 fears that al-Qaeda would target the water supply to hurt American agriculture, Autry observed that the conditions created by the federal government by intentionally withholding water are similar to what he would have expected in the aftermath of a terror attack."

"After Earhardt's report, Autry joined the group to advocate for farmers. At one point, the former mayor and television star admittedly went "over the top" as he called the withholding of water "an act of domestic terror," before he went on to make the thought-provoking point that cutting off the water supply to farmers was the kind of action American authorities were afraid al-Qaeda would attempt in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks."

"Autry: I made a statement not too long ago, and I stand by it, and I’m going to stand by it today, and you saw Evangelina and Joe, turning this water off is not just bad politics, it's an act of domestic terror." "Actor Alan Autry Slams Obama for Choosing Fish Over Farmers, Says Drought Like Terror Attack"

"OVER THE TOP?!?"   Alan Autry is also in charge of the central valley's "water infrastructure upgrade" which appears to be the final phase of a 50-yr cover-up.   Cities rebuilt on top of a secretly-replaced water system - records altered to cover up the evidence - now all tied in together. 

My handicapped uncle and neighbors were left dead after being lied to, set up for elimination by this man's risk analyst.  I was poisoned, robbed, raped as our properties were torn apart and rebuilt with trash on top of this mess.  Overhead + underground utility theft.   Loss of income properties, home left a shambles, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies.  Called a "liar" - City committed perjury to deny what they did - followed by death threats if I continue to expose their operation. 

CLICK:>50-yr cover up

So while Alan Autry refers to shutting off the water to farmers as "An act of domestic terror" - may he someday look in the mirror. Having people annihilated to carry out the secret water diversion operation, instructing his Emergency Relief Team to follow up with perjury to cover up the atrocities (including bioterrorism, suspected homicides, [unsolved murders, willful/malicious destruction of private properties) against residents, is what I call the act of "domestic terror!" Targeting a helpless, bedridden Down's syndrome man takes it "OVER THE TOP!"

As the horrors and hell continued, can you believe this  .....

Alan Autry threatened that until the State's water-shortage was handled in a manner that met with his approval, he would not pay taxes! (He even mentions a "conspiracy!")

CLICK: "Will Bad Bubba really refuse to pay his income taxes?"

He carried on that he would not wear a coat and tie until a water deal in Sacramento was made!
CLICK: "Mayor Autry has new protest that'll bring 'em to their knees"

He is seen starring at the end of this U-Tube video - with more so-called "concern" over the injustices taking place regarding our water supply.
U-Tube: "Obama promises 3.5 billion to African farmers so they can export food to America"

Another one.
CLICK: "Alan Autry Calls Obama on the carpet! Don't mess with Bubba Mr President!"

And yet another one.
CLICK: "Fresno California Water Wars Protest 'civil unrest'? Mr. Obama placates us with wanna be cowboy"

The lies, rallies, altered records and misguided focus are leaving the public oblivious to the truth behind CA's "water shortage." Of course that is the goal, isn't it? No one sees what is going on behind closed doors. No one suspects this man would authorize or cover up heinous and barbaric crimes against innocent residents in order to "clear the path" so the water source can be secretly re-directed.

Against all odds, I narrowly got away from Alan Autry's mob before they finished me off - only to have Alan Autry hammer the final nail in my coffin. Like Jeffry Dahmer's victim, thrown back into the pit of hell with no way out but death.

Threatening reminder from CityofFresno - I am not allowed to report this to anyone other than Kerry Trost, the risk analyst who committed perjury to cover up the truth.

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