Water Shortage in Fresno, CA?!?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"It is an act of domestic terror!"

"As he recounted post-9/11 fears that al-Qaeda would target the water supply to hurt American agriculture, Autry observed that the conditions created by the federal government by intentionally withholding water are similar to what he would have expected in the aftermath of a terror attack."

"After Earhardt's report, Autry joined the group to advocate for farmers. At one point, the former mayor and television star admittedly went "over the top" as he called the withholding of water "an act of domestic terror," before he went on to make the thought-provoking point that cutting off the water supply to farmers was the kind of action American authorities were afraid al-Qaeda would attempt in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks."

"Autry: I made a statement not too long ago, and I stand by it, and I’m going to stand by it today, and you saw Evangelina and Joe, turning this water off is not just bad politics, it's an act of domestic terror." "Actor Alan Autry Slams Obama for Choosing Fish Over Farmers, Says Drought Like Terror Attack"

"OVER THE TOP?!?"   Alan Autry is also in charge of the central valley's "water infrastructure upgrade" which appears to be the final phase of a 50-yr cover-up.   Cities rebuilt on top of a secretly-replaced water system - records altered to cover up the evidence - now all tied in together. 

My handicapped uncle and neighbors were left dead after being lied to, set up for elimination by this man's risk analyst.  I was poisoned, robbed, raped as our properties were torn apart and rebuilt with trash on top of this mess.  Overhead + underground utility theft.   Loss of income properties, home left a shambles, fraudulent legal documents, fraudulent insurance policies.  Called a "liar" - City committed perjury to deny what they did - followed by death threats if I continue to expose their operation. 

CLICK:  http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=169996686366793>50-yr cover up

So while Alan Autry refers to shutting off the water to farmers as "An act of domestic terror" - may he someday look in the mirror. Having people annihilated to carry out the secret water diversion operation, instructing his Emergency Relief Team to follow up with perjury to cover up the atrocities (including bioterrorism, suspected homicides, [unsolved murders, willful/malicious destruction of private properties) against residents, is what I call the act of "domestic terror!" Targeting a helpless, bedridden Down's syndrome man takes it "OVER THE TOP!"

As the horrors and hell continued, can you believe this  .....

Alan Autry threatened that until the State's water-shortage was handled in a manner that met with his approval, he would not pay taxes! (He even mentions a "conspiracy!")

CLICK: "Will Bad Bubba really refuse to pay his income taxes?"

He carried on that he would not wear a coat and tie until a water deal in Sacramento was made!
CLICK: "Mayor Autry has new protest that'll bring 'em to their knees"

He is seen starring at the end of this U-Tube video - with more so-called "concern" over the injustices taking place regarding our water supply.
U-Tube: "Obama promises 3.5 billion to African farmers so they can export food to America"

Another one.
CLICK: "Alan Autry Calls Obama on the carpet! Don't mess with Bubba Mr President!"

And yet another one.
CLICK: "Fresno California Water Wars Protest 'civil unrest'? Mr. Obama placates us with wanna be cowboy"

The lies, rallies, altered records and misguided focus are leaving the public oblivious to the truth behind CA's "water shortage." Of course that is the goal, isn't it? No one sees what is going on behind closed doors. No one suspects this man would authorize or cover up heinous and barbaric crimes against innocent residents in order to "clear the path" so the water source can be secretly re-directed.

Against all odds, I narrowly got away from Alan Autry's mob before they finished me off - only to have Alan Autry hammer the final nail in my coffin. Like Jeffry Dahmer's victim, thrown back into the pit of hell with no way out but death.

Threatening reminder from CityofFresno - I am not allowed to report this to anyone other than Kerry Trost, the risk analyst who committed perjury to cover up the truth.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

CA Central Valley water scam # 2

For those not familiar with Fresno's infamous "Operation Rezone" involving the late John Bonadelle (largest developer in the county) and the City of Fresno (development fraud), please click on this link for a recap. Fresno Developer Indicted

Wilbert Swieso was one of Mr. Bonadelle's associates. He was very relieved that Mr. Bonadelle's "secret water operation" was not exposed during Sacramento FBI's 5 1/2 yr investigation. At the time, I did not understand what he was talking about.  Because Mr. Swieso claims to have tied in his own operation into the Bonadelle / City of Fresno operation which he says no one, including the City of Fresno, will ever figure out. 

Mr. Swieso conspires with the City of Fresno in the bigger picture then behind their backs, has his own work crew for further altering of city property.  People are rewarded for their participation - the trail also shows how some are later discarded after serving their purposes, leaving nothing linking back to Mr. Swieso. 

During the 20 yrs I "knew" this man he talked about his secret sideline - said it was going to result in water being redirected to Sky Harbour where he owned vacant land.  Then he would finally be able to build his "dream home" and no one would ever figure out how the water was redirected to that area.

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Mr. Swieso even took me on a tour, showing me his storage units filled with equipment, tools, etc.  He showed me the various areas throughout town he had "turned over."  Along our tour he stopped to take a picture of me next to his sign on the new freeway being built.   Click below.


I asked him how he was getting by with this kind of fraud ~ sneaking behind the City of Fresno, altering public and private property without authorization.  Changing property lines.  Having utility poles relocated.  He laughed that the City of Fresno was too "incompetent" to ever catch or stop him; he said residents were too "oblivious" to figure it out.

He has recruited various employees of the City of Fresno, including heavy-equipment operators.  He has recruited employees of PG&E - altering / relocating overhead and underground utilities (beyond what the City of Fresno is aware of.)  He then laughs that once the records are altered to cover up his portion - no one can figure it out. 

Reporting this goes no where.  The City of Fresno merely shrugs and refers all questions and/or complaints to the risk analysts. The risk analysts are involved in the operation ~ they simply deny what is taking place, going as far as to commit perjury!  Continued reports resulted in death threats.

With City of Fresno's office personnel and PG&E's office personnel looking at altered records, they deny any changes!  Mr. Swieso is right - they remain OBLIVIOUS.  Witnesses and photographs do not seem to matter ~ they are programmed to go by records shown on their computers. They do not seem capable of understanding that outsiders (including some of their own people) have taken over and altered their records to cover up what is taking place. 

Repeat: This is beyond the "Operation Rezone" cover-up - this is totally SEPARATE. Example: Take a look at what Mr. Swieso and his mob have done to Fresno. Click HERE.

Also keep in mind that Mr. Swieso is a long-time insurance agent / estate planner who targets his clients for annihilation to pull this off.  Boasting of how they trust him, he gains access to their properties with offers of "help with home repairs."  Sewage spills ensue, which result in illness.  Then he refers the same Home Health personnel (legitimate?)  And the same attorney who was caught preparing fraudulent legal documents.  After the victim's death, Mr. Swieso is often forging legal documents and altering insurance policies, citing his motto, "You can't live for the dead." Other times, when the assets are legitimately divided among beneficiaries, it appears they may be targeted next. Title companies knowing record the forged and fraudulent legal documents while altering parcel maps to cover up the evidence of what was done to the properties. Properties are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers. 

Look beyond all the smokescreens! Beyond the altered parcel maps, aerial views and fraudulent legal documents. 

 Dear God, why do so many people have to die

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fraud behind Fresno, CA's new water meters

Until now, only commercial property in Fresno was equipped with water meters. Residences had a flat monthly rate. But with CA's "water shortage" taking place, more steps are being taken to cut back on water usage.

Public Works has always assured residents of their upstanding, quality services and maintenance of our water system. In fact, it was with regret that they were "forced" to raise our rates back in 2006. Lots of protest and meetings took place as this was being discussed. Of course they won - rates were increased so the City could continue their so-called quality services and upgrades. 

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Now lets take a look beyond the bullshit.

50 yrs went into the planning of this "water shortage." The entire city has been rebuilt on top of a new water system which, according to the mastermind, is for secretly re-directing our water for upcoming development. (Schwarzenegger's dams, casinos, etc.)

Replacing a city's water system entails reconstruction of every property, every street widened and sidewalks replaced. (Autry's "No Neighborhood Left Behind" scenario re: new sidewalks and gutters.) While some structures are removed and others expanded, alleys are narrowed in order to compensate for what has been cut off front lawns - all property lines end up different. This is why ALL structures throughout Fresno are now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Instead of permits or inspections, public records have been altered to make it appear that things were always as they are now.

Here is the evidence of just 1 block (Tower District.)

Those familiar with Fresno's historic Tower District will be shocked to learn the truth - click below.


The entire city has been turned inside out to pull this off. Nothing is standing as it was when built. Parcel maps illegally altered in escrow as rebuilt trash sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers.

This is what the City of Fresno committed perjury to deny. Because in order to pull this off on my family's, neighbor's and my property without leaving witnesses or complaints, they conspired in having us annihilated. In a short radius of 200' they left a string of burglaries, ID theft, fraudulent legal documents, illegal conversion of assets, suspected homicides, unsolved murder as Olive Ave. was widened, shown above. Not only do they deny all the major reconstruction on top of the clamped trash, they even deny widening the streets or relocation of street lights, fire hydrants, utility poles, etc. Knowing they were caught, they had a Restraining Order issued against me, followed by death threats if I continue exposing this operation. 

Another attempt to expose the risk analyst as a danger to the public (setting people up to be eliminated, trail of deaths, illegal takeover of properties) resulted in a threatening reminder that I am not allowed to report this to anyone but the other risk analyst who committed perjury to deny what I reported!

Report to Mr. Trost?!?  He refused to acknowledge me. How is this for a set up?

In addition to the death threats came the City of Fresno's sexual harassment against me.   

The City of Fresno is using the late John Bonadelle's name behind all of this. (Bonadelle, largest developer in the county who was previously found guilty of conspiring with the City of Fresno in development fraud.
CLICK: Leading Developer Indicted)

Using Bonadelle's name behind the citywide building code violations that the City and Wilbert Swieso are behind. 

Friday, August 21, 2009

Miss Inland / Adopt-A-Highway with Swieso!

Miss Inland.
That is what Wilbert Swieso used to call me when I was employed by him.

Mr. Swieso is a former employee of the City of Fresno; he is now head of their fake work crew. He also owns an insurance company. I had no idea about his "secret sideline" nor the truth behind the countless sewage back spills and forged insurance applications that followed his offers to elderly clients of "help with home repairs." Until he and his group targeted my family and neighbors - forged and fraudulent legal documents, suspected homicide, properties rebuilt on top of the secretly replaced water system, property lines changed, follwed by altered public records to make it appear that nothing took place.

While employed by Mr. Swieso he volunteered for Adopt-A-Highway. He had a sign with his name posted alongside the new highway.


He wanted recognition for his concern and clean-up of litter along the highway. Mr. Swieso specifically requested his portion of the highway be next to the construction work. Then he purchased several vacant lots from the City of Fresno, as close to his area as possible.

He and his private work crew cleared off these lots; had them excavated in order to continue the secret water diversion operation. This is no different than what he did to my family's and neighbor's properties, when the street was torn up during the "infrastructure upgrade" and the city's heavy equipment was left for several days as this went on.

Mr. Swieso was so proud of what he did down the new highway, he took me on a tour, showing me all the vacant lots he turned over. Some of these lots were not his to touch - but what's new, eh? I asked him who authorized this and couldn't he be in big trouble? He laughed that no one would ever catch him - that he had invested over 40 yrs in this project that would soon result in water being diverted to the area where he owned property beyond Friant. He said no one was going to stop him. For years I heard heard him tell this to people, but no one ever paid attention because it seemed so absurd.

During our tour, he pulled over and took a picture of me next to his sign. He faxed it to me one morning before I arrived to the office.

Soon afterwards, he took me on a tour of Friant - specifically, where he owned property (2 lots with the red, metal box.) He described the floor plan to me, where the kitchen would be, the bedroom and overlooking the water, etc. I began to suspect that he had the early stages of Alzheimer's because what he was saying was too far beyond belief - this was a heavily-wooded area where development has been prohibited due to water laws and regulations.

He carried on that no one was as brave as he is when it comes to breaking laws - how people were going to be shocked when they learned he finally succeeded in his goal. The more he said, the worse I felt for him.

Upon our return to Fresno, I decided to talk to his wife regarding my concerns. But before I could say anything, she went on a rampage about his secret water operation taking so long - it was to have been completed many years earlier! Shocked to hear this, I assumed they BOTH needed mental help.

And now it is me who is considered the "nut case." Because I am now trying to report that all of this is 100% true. He is conspiring with Public Works in the biggest and most corrupt operation in CA history. WATER DIVERSION.

Our water shortage was planned 50 yrs ago. The evidence is beneath 50 yrs of reconstruction on top of the new water system. Swieso not only boasts of being smarter and braver than anyone else when it comes to breaking laws and bypassing water regulations, he is laughing at the public (farmers included) that no one will ever figure this out.

BONUS: The City of Fresno committed perjury to call me a "liar" about all of this, as well as the murders of my family and neighbors in order to carry it out. If they are so sure they know EVERYTHING that Mr. Swieso is doing, why is Mr. Swieso sneaking behind THEIR backs - using his own work crew to alter CITY PROPERTY!?!? Why does he have private property owners paying for repairs to CITY PROPERTY?!? And title companies altering the parcel maps? Swieso is light-years ahead of everyone.

See my page for more information.
CLICK: Marla

Friday, August 14, 2009

CA from agriculture to new gambling capital of the U.S.

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"The state of California has been on a mission for several years now to become the new casino gambling capital of the US. Governor Schwarzenegger has approved gaming compact after gaming compact with Indian tribes, and it now may be catching up to the state."

CA Gambling Competition Causes Layoffs 6/11/09

"With his state in the throes of a deepening budget crisis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger openly boasted last year that new casino deals with Indian tribes could help restore California’s fiscal health. But the governor’s political gambit – and his gambling wager – is so far a losing bet against expectations".

California’s Tribal Jackpot To Fall Short By $200m 1/26/09

This, my friends, is behind the secret water diversion described on my page. The planning for this began 50 yrs ago, easily verified. This is why CA's water shortage will never turn around - water is needed for all the new casinos, housing, golf courses, dams, etc.

Station Casinos Announces Solicitation of Acceptances 2/4/09

President Obama's reaction to CA's "water shortage" is seen in the U-Tube below.


How about that performance toward the end of the video, by Fresno's former Mayor Alan Autry. He, according to Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst, instructed the Restraining Order issued against me for reporting the secret replacement of our water system, altered public records to cover up the evidence, and the atrocities taking place against innocent property owners in order to "clear the path."

Perjury. Death threats. Sexual harassment.

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Would President Obama actually drop all his other important issues to personally visit the central valley to see our "dust bowl?!?"

"Community activists and Valley politicians are stepping up their efforts to bring national attention to the area's water shortage -- pleading Tuesday for President Barack Obama to visit the drought-plagued farmlands."

Obama urged to see water-starved Valley 8/11/09

Now let's take a look at one of the people involved in the upcoming Mono Casino. Why, none other than the owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort, Jeffry C. Winslow, one of Alan Autry's associates, which might explain why reporting Mr. Winslow was treated as another crime.

Winslow fraud, forgeries, more


They claim to be looking out for our best interest.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and President Obama

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Gov. Schwarzenegger and former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry

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Email Whitehouse

Gov. Schwarzenegger http://gov.ca.gov/interact#contact

See my page for more. CLICK: Marla

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

City of Fresno using "planted" witnesses - COVER-UP!

Using "planted" occupants to participate then deny secret replacement of the city's sewer, water and power infrastructures. Entailing alleged poisonings, killings, real estate theft - clearing the path to pull this off, followed by altered records as though nothing changed. 

City of Fresno risk anlayst involved in having residents eliminated - seizing control of belongings, property, illegal conversion of assets.  Structures rebuilt on top of clamped sewer/water lines - some cross-connected to neighbor's properties (water shut-off valves removed.)  Title companies record the forged / fraudulent legal documents while altering parcel maps to match new layout - properties re-sold as "original." 

Old directories, books reprinted with updated photos - historic aerial views altered to further cover all this up, as though nothing changed.  Old records of Fresno discarded, replaced with revised.  Upon being caught, the City of Fresno committed perjury to discredit the original records which prove exactly what is taking place.  WHICH RECORDS ARE THEY DISPUTING?!? Or do they even know. One lie magnifies the next one.

Pointing out the revised property lines, relocated water lines / sewer manholes IN THE ALLEY resulted in Kerry Trost, senior risk analyst for the City of Fresno, demanding - "That is YOUR problem - it is on YOUR property!" In reality, I do not own the alley nor maintain the water meters.  My family was killed, attempted murder of me to pull this off on our properties!

The water meter I was/am referring to is connected to the sewer vent in my back yard that went from 2' to 10' from the property line - more verification of what they did to our properties!

THAT IS WHY TROST REFUSED TO ADDRESS THE SITUATION. He committed perjury then made sure that I was prohibited from reporting this to anyone else at the City of Fresno - only HIM! Then he demanded, "THIS IS OVER!" On top of everything else, he is now withholding public information; in this case, pertaining to public health and safety. (And MUCH more/worse.)

Trost committed perjury to cover up the countless photographs his associate took of my family's properties, as she blatantly lied about the cause behind the repeated sewage back spills. Trost told the Judge that since he used to work in a claims office, he could assure everyone that it was not unusual to have NO photographs of the CAUSE OF THE DAMAGES this woman claimed to be her reason for taking pictures! He said their only concern was the actual damages yet there was not ONE photograph of damages either! Lie upon lie upon lie. What better way to kill and burglarize unsuspecting victims.  The trail speaks for itself. 

CLICK:  http://www.myspace.com/marlalk4/blog/531534696>MY HOME, ROBBED / REBUILT - LEFT A SHAMBLES

CLICK:  http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=186086281424500>City of Fresno targets Down's syndrome man for annihilation - illegal takeover of properties

Kerry Trost further tied to cover this up by claiming he had it investigated. WHY?!? THE CITY'S OFFICIAL SEWER LAYOUT VERIFIES EXACTLY WHAT WAS REPORTED! Trost is misguiding the focus with a "DRIVE BY", which is absurd. If he refuses to support the city's official records then the next step would be to investigate the alterations hidden BENEATH THE SURFACE!  Beneath the repaved alley, beneath the new sidewalks, streets, construction, lawns, etc. He put/s more time and effort into covering this up as his associate and Swieso taught the technique of unclamping these lines to create mold lawsuits, insurance claims, condeming of property, foreclosures, spreading more infectious disease-carrying raw sewage. From one end of town to the other - anyone can now annihilate others with nothing more than a mere screwdriver.

Trost additionally uses "planted" witnesses who claim that nothing took place - carrying on that I am "crazy." Which I was, as long as the chemicals continued being given to me without my knowledge or consent.

Not only did I learn first hand what the Dept. of Public Works is doing to unsuspecting residents, I was employed by Swieso - I know of the decades of sewage back spills and forged papers. If I was wrong, I would not have uncovered his trail of VERIFIED forgeries of people never seen again! BEHIND SECRET REPLACEMENT OF THE CITY'S WATER SYSTEM - NOW TIED INTO THE "WATER INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADE!!" 

The Dept. of Public Works called me a "liar" for saying that the utility poles were relocated. Since when did they take over PG&E's poles? I am asking because they don't seem to stand behind their own records. I SAW THE GROUP IN ACTION! After trying to swindle me of $2,000, the minute I said I was going to call PG&E they demanded I not do that, which resulted in an additional $900+/- to my utility bill that month - coinciding with the city's UNAUTHORIZED replacement of sewer/water lines down the alley!  They cross-connected the lines resulting in electric theft - upon being caught, PG&E statements altered to cover up evidence. 

Transferring the numbers from the utility poles in addition to altering PG&E's records leaves the office personnel oblivious to what this mob is doing - same as done with City records.

There is no help - only more lies and corruption. In which case, perhaps some code violations might get some needed attention from outside agencies. Clearly, the damages cannot be reversed but the heinous and barbaric crimes against innocent residents CAN BE STOPPED if an outside agency steps in and intervenes. With my computer hacked and phones tapped in an attempt to sabotage me from taking that step, I cordially invite others to report this to a Whistleblower agency for some massive rewards. As you can see by the information below, the City can be fined up to $25,000 per day for the kind of violations they are trying to cover up while endangering the public - there are many more. Please - you will be doing us all a favor by reporting this - it can even be done anonymously. The reward will be YOURS to keep.

CA Health and Safety Code
Section 116725-116751


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