Friday, August 14, 2009

CA from agriculture to new gambling capital of the U.S.

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"The state of California has been on a mission for several years now to become the new casino gambling capital of the US. Governor Schwarzenegger has approved gaming compact after gaming compact with Indian tribes, and it now may be catching up to the state."

CA Gambling Competition Causes Layoffs 6/11/09

"With his state in the throes of a deepening budget crisis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger openly boasted last year that new casino deals with Indian tribes could help restore California’s fiscal health. But the governor’s political gambit – and his gambling wager – is so far a losing bet against expectations".

California’s Tribal Jackpot To Fall Short By $200m 1/26/09

This, my friends, is behind the secret water diversion described on my page. The planning for this began 50 yrs ago, easily verified. This is why CA's water shortage will never turn around - water is needed for all the new casinos, housing, golf courses, dams, etc.

Station Casinos Announces Solicitation of Acceptances 2/4/09

President Obama's reaction to CA's "water shortage" is seen in the U-Tube below.


How about that performance toward the end of the video, by Fresno's former Mayor Alan Autry. He, according to Kerry Trost, Sr Risk Analyst, instructed the Restraining Order issued against me for reporting the secret replacement of our water system, altered public records to cover up the evidence, and the atrocities taking place against innocent property owners in order to "clear the path."

Perjury. Death threats. Sexual harassment.

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Would President Obama actually drop all his other important issues to personally visit the central valley to see our "dust bowl?!?"

"Community activists and Valley politicians are stepping up their efforts to bring national attention to the area's water shortage -- pleading Tuesday for President Barack Obama to visit the drought-plagued farmlands."

Obama urged to see water-starved Valley 8/11/09

Now let's take a look at one of the people involved in the upcoming Mono Casino. Why, none other than the owner of Mono Hot Springs Resort, Jeffry C. Winslow, one of Alan Autry's associates, which might explain why reporting Mr. Winslow was treated as another crime.

Winslow fraud, forgeries, more


They claim to be looking out for our best interest.

Gov. Schwarzenegger and President Obama

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Gov. Schwarzenegger and former Fresno Mayor Alan Autry

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Gov. Schwarzenegger

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