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CA Central Valley water scam # 2

For those not familiar with Fresno's infamous "Operation Rezone" involving the late John Bonadelle (largest developer in the county) and the City of Fresno (development fraud), please click on this link for a recap. Fresno Developer Indicted

Wilbert Swieso was one of Mr. Bonadelle's associates. He was very relieved that Mr. Bonadelle's "secret water operation" was not exposed during Sacramento FBI's 5 1/2 yr investigation. At the time, I did not understand what he was talking about.  Because Mr. Swieso claims to have tied in his own operation into the Bonadelle / City of Fresno operation which he says no one, including the City of Fresno, will ever figure out. 

Mr. Swieso conspires with the City of Fresno in the bigger picture then behind their backs, has his own work crew for further altering of city property.  People are rewarded for their participation - the trail also shows how some are later discarded after serving their purposes, leaving nothing linking back to Mr. Swieso. 

During the 20 yrs I "knew" this man he talked about his secret sideline - said it was going to result in water being redirected to Sky Harbour where he owned vacant land.  Then he would finally be able to build his "dream home" and no one would ever figure out how the water was redirected to that area.

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Mr. Swieso even took me on a tour, showing me his storage units filled with equipment, tools, etc.  He showed me the various areas throughout town he had "turned over."  Along our tour he stopped to take a picture of me next to his sign on the new freeway being built.   Click below.


I asked him how he was getting by with this kind of fraud ~ sneaking behind the City of Fresno, altering public and private property without authorization.  Changing property lines.  Having utility poles relocated.  He laughed that the City of Fresno was too "incompetent" to ever catch or stop him; he said residents were too "oblivious" to figure it out.

He has recruited various employees of the City of Fresno, including heavy-equipment operators.  He has recruited employees of PG&E - altering / relocating overhead and underground utilities (beyond what the City of Fresno is aware of.)  He then laughs that once the records are altered to cover up his portion - no one can figure it out. 

Reporting this goes no where.  The City of Fresno merely shrugs and refers all questions and/or complaints to the risk analysts. The risk analysts are involved in the operation ~ they simply deny what is taking place, going as far as to commit perjury!  Continued reports resulted in death threats.

With City of Fresno's office personnel and PG&E's office personnel looking at altered records, they deny any changes!  Mr. Swieso is right - they remain OBLIVIOUS.  Witnesses and photographs do not seem to matter ~ they are programmed to go by records shown on their computers. They do not seem capable of understanding that outsiders (including some of their own people) have taken over and altered their records to cover up what is taking place. 

Repeat: This is beyond the "Operation Rezone" cover-up - this is totally SEPARATE. Example: Take a look at what Mr. Swieso and his mob have done to Fresno. Click HERE.

Also keep in mind that Mr. Swieso is a long-time insurance agent / estate planner who targets his clients for annihilation to pull this off.  Boasting of how they trust him, he gains access to their properties with offers of "help with home repairs."  Sewage spills ensue, which result in illness.  Then he refers the same Home Health personnel (legitimate?)  And the same attorney who was caught preparing fraudulent legal documents.  After the victim's death, Mr. Swieso is often forging legal documents and altering insurance policies, citing his motto, "You can't live for the dead." Other times, when the assets are legitimately divided among beneficiaries, it appears they may be targeted next. Title companies knowing record the forged and fraudulent legal documents while altering parcel maps to cover up the evidence of what was done to the properties. Properties are re-sold as "original" to unsuspecting buyers. 

Look beyond all the smokescreens! Beyond the altered parcel maps, aerial views and fraudulent legal documents. 

 Dear God, why do so many people have to die

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